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About Me: Angela Garvin

My name is Angela Garvin. My husband Brad and I live in northeast Louisville. I am a full-time mom to two active boys, Liam and Beckett. Before my sons were born, I was an elementary school teacher with Jefferson County Public Schools. I hold Bachelors and Masters degrees in Elementary Education. I love teaching, whether my students are first graders learning to read or adults learning how to navigate the journey of labor and birth.

As first-time parents, Brad and I took childbirth classes because we wanted information on all of our options for birth and we wanted to know how I could stay healthy and low risk during the pregnancy. Experiencing the joy of birth—at home and in the hospital—Brad and I have welcomed our sons into the world with the support of an obstetrician, a midwife, our childbirth educator and, of course, doulas!

Inspired by my experience with my own doulas, I trained with Doulas of North America (DONA) and since 2006 have had the honor of assisting over 120 families with the births of their children. Like each child, every birth is unique and presents its own joys and challenges.

Along with my background in teaching and learning, seeing birth in action prepared me to be the best possible childbirth educator. I originally certified as a Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth instructor, from 2006—2010. As I worked with families over the years and attended births, my philosophies broadened and evolved. In 2010, I joined Lamaze International and created a new series of childbirth classes, Empowered Birth. My goal as an instructor is to educate, support and empower families to create the healthiest, safest, most satisfying birth experiences possible.

My Lamaze series of childbirth classes, Empowered Birth, came out of this passion for educating and supporting families. This unique seven-week class has an original curriculum inspired by and developed around the Lamaze philosophy (Lamaze isn't about the breathing anymore—read more about that here). This philosophy emphasizes the importance of woman-centered decisions such as allowing labor to start on its own, choices regarding intervention and of course continual support for the mother throughout the entire labor and delivery process. No matter what kind of birth you are planning, you will receive the information you need to make informed, empowered choices.

There are a lot of options to consider for your birth experience—and some of them may seem overwhelming. Whatever you choose, I will help you make it the birth you want, on your terms. It is an honor each time I am asked to attend a birth and I appreciate every opportunity to help a family to grow while I grow as a teacher. I look forward to getting to know you—and meeting your baby!

Best wishes and happy birthing!