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Compliments for Angela Garvin and Birth Louisville

Doug and I are extremely grateful to you, Angela and for your classes. If we had not been as educated on the birth process, the labor and delivery could have taken many different turns that may not have resulted in an experience I would have been as pleased with. I partly feel I got lucky with my experience, but mostly I feel proud of myself and grateful to you and for Empowered Birth classes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tobie & Doug Gurley, parents to Winston, born 2/4/2015

Adam and I just wanted to thank you for all you did for us in our class. We gained so much knowledge and wisdom from you, and it was so beyond helpful during the birth of our son! Although Oliver had a different birth plan than I did, I felt so empowered knowing the questions to ask, and options that I had for his delivery. It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much.

Ashley & Adam Berry, parents to Oliver, born 1/9/2015

We couldn't be happier with how things went with our birth. We both felt educated and empowered and with every decision we knew what to expect and the "cascade" of interventions that could come with it. During class, my top priorities for birth were to deliver vaginally and to not be induced.....both of those priorities were maintained. Ryan did a fantastic job of supporting me and referred to things we learned in class multiple times to calm me. Before taking the class I was petrified of giving birth, but while it was happening I never felt nervous, overwhelmed or like the birth was out of our control and for that we are forever grateful to you. Thank you for all the invaluable preparation and support you gave us. (now if only we were as prepared to raise Eleanor as we were to deliver her!) Please let us know if there is any way we can help support your class....we will definitely be referring everyone we know to you!

Claire & Ryan DeLozier, parents to Eleanor, born 8/1/2014

"Angela equipped me with the knowledge I needed to have the birth I desired. I couldn't have asked for a better birth. I felt empowered because I had the information I needed going into the birth, and felt empowered as a woman because I knew how to work with my body and how to relax. I couldn't have done it without Angela's knowledge, wisdom and love she imparts to her students and clients."

—Elizabeth & Paul Butterworth, parents to Sophie (7/10/2008) and Leah (5/31/2013)

"We joined Angela's Lamaze class as second-time parents, preparing for a home birth this time around. We had taken Bradley classes before, and were hoping for a simple refresher. What we got was so much more. After completing all of the classes, readings, and getting to practice techniques, I felt so much more informed, empowered, and prepared. Without reservation, we recommend this course to anyone and everyone expecting."

—Anita & Alan Blount, parents to Poppy (1/24/2008) and Oliver (2/2/2010)

"The best part of having Angela was that we spent a few months together in childbirth preparation class, then two years later having her at my second birth was amazing. It was so complete and assuring that everything was ok when I was freaking out!"

—Jackie & Mitch Priest, parents to Addison (1/12/2007) and Carlee (12/12/2008)

"Derek and I traveled an hour to attend Angela's class and it was worth every minute. Although we did not get our VBAC this time, I was still able to heal knowing I was in control of my birth experience, because I knew my options."

—Katrina & Derek Sorrell, parents to Zachary and Kaitlyn (11/3/2008)

"Angela's childbirth classes helped me to know the many variations of normal birth. My husband was fully prepared to be an active participant in the experience, and we both felt able to make safe, informed decisions. When our birth didn't go as we had hoped, we were not lost or confused while considering our options. Angela was not only there for us during class as a childbirth educator, but also during the birth. She was irreplacable to us in making our experience one that wasn't pressured, or fear filled."

—Kelli & John Haywood, parents to Deladis and Ivy (4/28/2008)

"I wasn't sure if we needed a doula, because we had our first child on our own and everything was fine. I was really glad in the end that Angela was there because she made the experience better and we had a few unexpected bumps in the road that she helped us through. As a dad, I felt like I could enjoy the birth the second time around without having to worry because Angela was there taking pictures, bringing cool washcloths and helping us to understand what was happening during the birth."

—Ryan & Mandy Russell, parents to Drew and Rylee (4/13/2006)

"Angela is the best! I absolutely loved her class! I felt so empowered and confident in my body. I am so happy with and proud of my natural birth. My husband learned how to be an active participant in our daughter's birth and not just sit on the sidelines."

—Sabra & Travis Schweger, parents to Ayla (4/26/2008)

"Angela was invaluable in the birth of our second child. Angela kept me going, physically and mentally, and reminded me of the task at hand � as in 'Did you come here (to the hospital) to have this baby tonight, or what?' She never felt invasive, but was always right where she needed to be. She also made my husband feel more confident during labor that everything was going just fine."

—Kate & Troy Killian, parents to Camden and Oliver (10/12/2009)

"We feel very fortunate to have had Angela as our teacher and doula. We have experienced two very different births and Angela was invaluable during both!"

—Lindsy & William Wallace, parents to Moses (6/7/2008) and Meadow (4/12/2010)

"We have had a doula for all three of our beautiful children and had very different births. Angela was the amazing doula for our last two boys. Her insight and wisdom were invaluable in decisions we needed to make. The comfort techniques and positions she suggested made having a natural childbirth so doable! Angela's presence breathed so much confidence onto my husband and I. We wouldn't have another baby without her!"

—Jessica & Ben Wiederholt, parents to Samuel, Luke (6/16/2006) and Abe (6/2/2009)

"Angela was an excellent instructor and thanks to her knowledge and expertise she was able to put all my fears to rest. As a first time father, I was rather worried that I wouldn't be an asset to Quailla in the delivery room, but thanks to her outstanding guidance I was able to be a comforting, supportive and well-informed partner for my wife."

—Rodney & Quailla Hatcher, parents to Jaxon (10/27/2009)

"Angela was instrumental in helping me achieve my ideal birth with my second child. She trusted my body to give birth even after a caesarean and helped educate me to the point where I was able to believe too...I am a stronger mother and woman for having accomplished a natural VBAC birth and my husband says he wouldn't have another baby without our fabulous doula!"

—Holly Phillips, parent to Loriana and John Martin (10/11/2008)

"Angela's classes gave us what we needed to go into our homebirth VBAC with confidence and without fear."

—Erin & Cody Vest, parents to Emmy, Mirabelle (3/26/2008), and Liliana (8/25/2010)

"Angela prepared us for the most amazing event of our lives together. Her instruction made me feel so empowered. She taught me to trust my body to deliver my baby, and thanks to her, my husband was able to support me every step of the way. We are both so grateful to Angela for making this once-in-a-lifetime event so meaningful and memorable."

—Amy & Jeff Gingerich, parents to Poppy (4/25/2009)

"We don't plan to have another baby, but if we do I'm calling Angela first."

—Rob Totten, dad to Alexander Gandhi (9/23/2007)

"I always wanted to experience childbirth—when I had a c-section with my first child I was saddened by the thought that the experience would allude me. Angela's knowledge, emotional and physical support, along with her determination to help me achieve the birth that I dreamed of, were some of the greatest gifts I could have received as part of my childbirth experience. I had a natural VBAC, and my husband and I both agree that we absolutely could not have done it without the caring support of Angela Garvin as our doula. I'll never forget the comfort that her presence provided at our birth."

—Anna & Brian Kemp, parents to Sophie and Chase (7/3/2010)

"Angela's class was invaluable. What we learned forever changed our view of childbirth and taught us how to get the experience we desired. I felt confident, prepared, and empowered to birth our beautiful baby, Jack."

—Beth & Scott Geiser, parents to Jack (7/25/2008)